20 de May de 2022 ThinkFuture Radar

TozziniFreire annouces book about Metaverse – ThinkFuture Radar – 05/20/22

In a partnership with Editora Almedina, TozziniFreire announces that a book about the legal aspects of the Metaverse will be released shortly.

On today’s ThinkFuture Radar, we are pleased to announce the book “Metaverso: Aspectos Jurídicos” (Metaverse: Legal Aspects), organized and written entirely by TozziniFreire’s partners and associates. Published by Almedina, the book draws attention to the legal effects of decentralized technologies, focusing on its greatest expression: the metaverse. The work, which will be released in the coming weeks, comprises 21 multidisciplinary chapters, written by 51 of our specialists, who worked jointly with our innovation program, ThinkFuture, combining practice with study, in order to address the changes resulting from this new reality, as well as the specific analyses of different legal areas affected by this transformation. Stay tuned for more details about the book.

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