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Technological tools ensure more and more efficiency and productivity to legal professionals – ThinkFuture Radar 04/22/2022

There are more than 270 legal technology companies in Brazil.

According to the mapping by AB2L (Brazilian Association of LawTechs and LegalTechs), there are more than 270 legal technology companies in the Brazilian market. With solutions involving analytics, automation, data mining, jurimetrics, and even artificial intelligence, it is key that legal professionals become familiar with technological tools and incorporate them in everyday life, ensuring efficiency and productivity. The Legal Operations and Digital Transformation arm of ThinkFuture, along with TozziniFreire IT professionals, meets the needs of our lawyers by conducting projects that aim to seek, test and implement legal technology solutions to the firm’s operations, in order to provide a better experience to our clients, enabling them to take advantage of our expertise in all areas of law.

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Data analysis is a key support for decision-making in the economy – ThinkFuture Radar 04/15/2022

Last month, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) reinforced the importance of the analytical use of data in Law by launching a real-time statistical monitoring tool of judicial proceedings. The use of large volume of data is a key support for decision-making in any economic sector. ThinkFuture, TozziniFreire Advogados’ innovation program, features professionals exclusively dedicated […]

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Bill that regulates the cryptocurrency market is approved – ThinkFuture Radar 05/06/2022

This week, the Senate approved the Bill No. 4.401/2021, which aims to regulate the cryptocurrency market in the country. The text, now sent to the House of Representatives, suggests a definition for “virtual assets”, bringing different guidelines to be considered for crypto-active exchanges studies; and also deals with the premises of the Federal Administration body […]

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Brazilian National Congress votes to maintain the Legal Framework for Startups – ThinkFuture Radar – 05/13/22

This week, the Brazilian National Congress voted to maintain definitely the partial veto of Complementary Law No. 182/2021, known as “Legal Framework for Startups”. Therefore, the Complementary Law will not have the possibility of offsetting losses and gains in investments. The Research & Content arm of ThinkFuture, TozziniFreire’s innovation program, has closely followed the progress […]

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Artificial Intelligence is in the process of regulation in Brazil – ThinkFuture Radar 04/29/2022

The regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Brazil is ongoing. In the Federal Senate, there is a public consultation open by the commission of jurists appointed specifically to draft a bill on the matter, which should replace the previous proposals that were already being processed in the Legislative. In ThinkFuture, TozziniFreire’s innovation program, we follow […]

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